Loulou La Dune is a Luxury Home Brand in which I custom design all products.

My name is Aylin Cinarli Duna, but those who know me best call me simplyLoulou.I am an architect by trait, with a slight obsession for prints, fabrics and colors. I truly admire traditional craftsmanship and appreciate the artisanal approach in designing unique objects.This quest for the special is what finally inspired me to create my own brand.

At Loulou's, I enjoy collaborating with other architects, designers and tastemakers to createbespoke collections of textiles, ceramics and silver table top accessories. Loulou's products are sourced from the highest quality producers and each product is handmade by the finest artisans, whether it is to be used in a dining room, a bathroom, or a bedroom.

As craftsmanship is at a turning point, and unfortunately suffering a loss to industrialization, through Loulou, I thrive to do my small part to revive old mastersart with a touch of my personal flavor.

Everything we produce at Loulou La Dune is bespoke, this way, each stylewe produce can be further personalized to cater to our client's unique taste. Our aim is to inspire their homes, and provide a customized experience to eachof our clients.